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Satori provides multiple deployment options to support the operational and security requirements of organizations.

Data Access Controller as a Service

For organizations looking to offload the operational overhead of hosting a DAC, Satori provides a DAC as a service deployment option. Organizations don't have to manage compute, storage or worry about software upgrades and patching, which are handled by Satori transparently. Organizations use a DAC in the same public cloud region as the data store, and data never traverses outside of the region. DAC as a service supports any type of data store, IaaS, PaaS and DBaaS.

IaaS and PaaS Data Stores

For data stores hosted in the organization's VPC, like AWS Redshift or AWS RDS. Screenshot

DBaaS Data Stores

For data stores as a service like Snowflake or Google BigQuery. Screenshot

Customer Hosted Data Access Controller

For organizations looking to own all aspects of operating a Satori DAC, Satori provides a customer-hosted DAC. Customer-hosted DACs are identical to SaaS DACs, but require customers to download, deploy and upgrade the software, as well as maintain the infrastructure the DAC requires.


To learn more about customer-hosted DACs, see the following: