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Satori SaaS


Satori SaaS is designed for organizations that wish to offload the operational overhead of hosting a data access controller (DAC).

By selecting Satori SaaS for your organization Satori will fully manage every aspect of the solution including storage, software upgrades and patching. The Satori SaaS solution is completely maintained by Satori and fully transparent.

Satori SaaS enables organizations to use a Satori DAC in the same public cloud region as the data store. This means that data never traverses outside of the deployment region.

Satori SaaS supports any type of data store, IaaS, PaaS and DBaaS.

IaaS and PaaS Data Stores

For data stores hosted in the organization's VPC, like AWS Redshift or AWS RDS.


DBaaS Data Stores

For data stores as a service like Snowflake or Google BigQuery.


Operational Model

The Satori SaaS service provides a 99.99% uptime SLA, the service is fully managed by Satori and all operational aspects are owned by Satori.

Enabling Satori SaaS to Access a Private Network

To learn how to enable a Satori SaaS to gain access to a private network, see Satori SaaS Access to Private Network guide.