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Identity Providers

Satori integrates with identity providers to enrich its identity context and deliver better analytics and more accurate access control policies. Satori connects to the identity provider API to get that information.


To create an API token for Satori to access Okta follow these steps:

  • Go to your Okta console and access the admin view. Your Okta console should be available in https://<your_okta_hostname>
  • Select API and then Tokens
  • Select Create Token
  • Provide a name for the token and select Create Token
  • Copy the token value
  • Go to the Satori management console
  • Select Identity Providers, Add and then Okta
  • Enter your Okta hostname, for example: and API token, for example: 12H-VciTZ_1ZBD8TpMWfXBh00WcaXeuqookQRafock.
  • Select Test to check if the configuration is correct. If not, a detailed error message would appear
  • Select the data stores you want Satori to use Okta on