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Metadata Shared by Data Access Controllers with the Management Console

The Satori DAC generates metadata as part of processing data traffic and shares some of the metadata with the management console.

Data Access Metadata

Field Name Data Type Example
timestamp Date 2020-05-28 15:32:10.736426 UTC
account_id String 73e194ba_33eb_4cdc_a900_54b988baa421
datastore_id String 7ae8bdc7-f4ad-41d9-87a9-80d7d67b7008
datastore_type String SNOWFLAKE String Jane Doe
identity.role String us_analysts
tool String SnowSQL
location String db1.public.us_marketing
queries.value Number 2
volume.value Number 123185 String US Data
tags.location String db1.public.us_marketing