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Metadata Shared by Data Access Controllers with the Management Console

The Satori DAC generates metadata as part of processing data traffic and shares some of the metadata with the management console.

Data Access Metadata

General and Statistics

Name Description
Timestamp Timestamp of the event
Account ID Account ID the event relates to
Data store Data store ID and type
Volume Amount of data (in bytes) returned from the data store
Records # Number of records returned from the data store
Total records # Total number of records of this query
Incidents List of incidents triggered
Actions List of actions taken by Satori


Name Description
User name User name identified by Satori
User groups & roles User group identified by Satori, could be an IdP group, DB role or group
Tool Tool detected by Satori

Query and Resultset Metadata

Name Description
Query Obfuscated query
Locations List of data store locations the query accessed
Tags List of tags and their data store locations
Metadata of query response Metadata of query response, contains response columns, tags, state (for example masked)

Data Store Specific Fields - Snowflake

Name Description
query_id Snowflake query ID as seen in Snowflake response
warehouse_name Snowflake warehouse as seen in Snowflake response