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Manage Access to Sensitive Data

Mask, anonymize or redact sensitive data without creating database views or duplicating data.

The Problem

Many organizations need to control who has access to sensitive data, such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data, Payment Card Industry (PCI) data or Protected Health Information (PHI) data. Typically, this requires deploying a static or dynamic data masking solution.

In addition to a dynamic masking solution, data engineering teams still need to understand where sensitive data resides and define which data transformation to apply on each database column. This approach is challenging and cumbersome to scale when new data is introduced and existing data changes.

The Solution

Satori solves this problem by leveraging the universal data inventory and masking capabilities. When you query data, Satori automatically classifies it for any of the dozens of built-in data types in addition to any manual tagging Satori administrators wish to apply.

By creating a policy to apply a masking profile on a dataset, when you query data, depending on their identity, the masking profile is applied. You can also use a different masking profile for different users.

This approach requires zero configuration on the data store side, is universal across different types of data stores and highly maintainable - if a new table with sensitive data is added to a dataset, it is automatically classified and the masking profile can be applied when required.