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Satori Video Learning

Learn the how to use Satori straight from the experts. The Satori video clips collection provides you with simple and straight forward step-by-step instruction clips, how-to and tips and tricks direct from our in house specialists and subject matter experts.

The Satori Microsoft Security Copilot Integration

The Satori platform provides you with the ability to integrate with Microsoft Security Copilot. To setup the Microsoft Security Copilot integration with Satori, perform the follwing steps as they appear in the short clip.

Satori Test Drive

The following two part clip series shows you have to start using Satori.

The clips shows you how to connect to a data store, run a query using your data vizualization tool and then viewing the results in Satori.

Satori Test Drive Training - Part 1

Learn how to connect a data store to Satori Management Console, run a query in a data vizualiztion tool and view the results in Satori mnagement Console. Then learn how to create a data access rule, dataset and masking profile and then re-run the query with your new access rule and view the secure and protected results.

Satori Test Drive Training - Part 2

Learn about just in time data access, data access management requests and Satori Data Portal. Learn how to create groups, add locations to datasets, create user and groups data access rules, access request rules and self service access to data rules. Then , learn how to get your data portal up and running.

Learn how to utilize and customize the differnt views in the Management Console user interfce.

Satori Support for ABAC, SSO and SCIM

Learn how to setup up SSO with SCIM, Match SSO attributes to match your data and utilize Row-level Security using custom expressions.

Flexible Access Rules and Access Request Via the Data Portal

Learn how to streamline and utilize your data access request workflow for your orgaizations data users.

Satori and Amazon S3

Learn how to secure your amazon S3 data using the Satori Data Security Platform.

Satori Data Filtering

Learn how to implement row level security and access controls using Satori Data Security Platform.

Satori SSO with Azure

Learn how to configure the Satori Data Security Platform to integrate with SSO.

Satori Azure SSO - Part 1

Satori Azure SSO - Part 2

Satori Azure SSO - Part 3 (Testing the SSO)

Satori Azure SSO - Part 4 (User Credentials)

Satori Azure SSO - Part 5 (Testing the Satori Data Security Platform)

Satori Azure SSO - Part 6 (Setting up SCIM)

Satori Azure SSO - Part 7 (Testing ABAC)

Satori Access Manager

Learn how to leverage the Satori Access Manager to simplifiy and maximaize your data security.

Access Manager - Part 1 (What are the differnet Types of Access Rules)

Access Manager - Part 2 (What is Governed Traffic)

Access Manager - Part 3 (Creating Access Rules)