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Satori Video Learning

Learn the how to use Satori straight from the experts. The Satori video clips collection provides you with simple and straight forward step-by-step instruction clips, how-to and tips and tricks direct from our in house specialists and subject matter experts.

Satori Test Drive

The following two part clip series shows you have to start using Satori.

The first clip shows you how to connect to a data store, run a query and view the results in Satori. The second clip introduces you to the security policy and shows you have to activate the dynamic masking and then viewing the masked data in a data store client tool.

Get Started Using Satori - Part 1

Learn how to run a query in a data store client tool and view the results in Satori.

Activate a Security Policy and Mask Data - Part 2

Learn how to activate s security policy and mask data in yout data store client tool and then view the results in Satori.

Learn How to Run a Query and View the Results in Satori.

Using Satori to Streamline DataSecOps

Learn how Satori streamlines DataSecOps if you are using Looker to access Snowflake data.