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What is Satori?

Satori is a secure data access platform that enables secure and compliant self-service access to data. Unlike relying on native database capabilities or data management solutions, Satori's Secure Data Access Platform is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing data operations with no interruptions.

Security or data infrastructure engineers who are frustrated with their ability to monitor data access and implement security and privacy best practices for their data lake and data warehouse environments.

Satori is optimized for organizations who operate in the public cloud and collect or generate sensitive or regulated data as part of their operations, and have analysts, data scientists or BI teams accessing that data to build innovative products and services or operate existing ones.


Satori is a proxy service that sits between users and data stores. When administrators add a new data store to Satori, a new endpoint is generated for the data store which users should connect to instead of the original data store hostname. Satori is transparent to users - other than the endpoint change, users use the same tools and get the same user experience as before. Satori is also transparent to data stores - the same authentication, authorization and auditing work the same way as before.


Management Console

Satori customers log in to to manage the access to their data stores, view reports, investigate incidents and update configuration. The management console is a SaaS application with 100% API coverage.

Data Access Controller (DAC)

The DAC is where Satori's security engine is deployed. DACs can be consumed as a service or customer hosted. DACs auto-scale to support any number of users and data stores, and customers can use as many DACs are they need. Please see the deployment section for more details.