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Business Intelligence Software

Satori integrates with BI software to monitor and enforce security and privacy policy for data consumers who are using BI tools to access data. To achieve that, BI tools need to connect to the data store via the Satori hostname.

In most cases, BI tools access data on behalf of users, and doing so using a single, shared user to the data store. When the BI tool connects to the data store via Satori, Satori is only aware of that single user and doesn't have the full context of data access. To overcome that, Satori can extract the real username if sent as part of the connection to the data store.


JDBC Connections

Looker supports sending additional parameters on JDBC connections, see the Additional Parameters section in the Looker documentation. To send the real username to Satori, add the following parameter in the Additional Parameters field: SATORI_LOGIN_NAME={{ _user_attributes['email'] }}.

Note, that customizing the JDBC connection with additional parameters may disable Looker's PDT functionality. To avoid that, make sure to override the Additional Parameters field with the previous value (without the SATORI_LOGIN_NAME) in the PDT Overrides section.