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Result set matcher

Use this matcher to identify specific data elements in any field of the result set. For example, to detect result sets that contain the string EU or eu use the following tag:

  - display_name: "EU data"
    tag: data_eu
    matcher_id: cloumn_data_contain
        - EU
        - eu

Query filter matcher

Use this tag to identify queries that contain a WHERE clause with a specific value. For example, assume a projects table contains information about multiple projects, identified by a project_id column. To identity queries that filter based on project_id values, use the following custom tag definition:

  - display_name: "Filtered by project"
    tag: "filtered_by_{{tagger_alias}}"
    matcher_id: "columns_exact_filter"
        - table: projects
          column: project_id
        flying_cars: 1
        laser_swords: 12
        ceo: [1,12]

The custom tag definition will generate tags based on the filter values applied in the query. The actual filter values in the query must be a subset of the tags defined in the tagger_alias section. For the above example:

  • select * from projects → No filter by project_id applies, no tag will be generated
  • select * from projects where project_id=1filtered_by_flying_cars, filtered_by_ceo
  • select * from projects where project_id=12filtered_by_flying_laser_swords, filtered_by_ceo
  • select * from projects where project_id in (1, 12)filtered_by_ceo
  • select * from projects where project_id in (1, 14) → No tag will be generated